warm face, warm hands, warm feet: oh, wouldn’t it be luvverly

DSC06066         It was on an afternoon session at the community centre that we thought this might be a good look for ladies like us. It was inspired by the Red Nose day ‘make your face funny’ tag. On the day in question I walked up our road wearing pictured item and nobody seemed to notice that anything was different about me. Such is our neighbourhood. On the following day, the beard made another appearance at the third Alternative Clothes Show at Hornsey Vale Centre. I was very pleased to be asked to compere this amazing event run in partnership with Transition Crouch End; it aims to raise awareness about the clothes industry and how we could make better choices when we buy and make the things we wear. The highlight is always the Real People All Ages Catwalk where anyone can strut their lovely stuff if their clothing is ethically produced, hand-made or recylced/upcycled. Forget your one-size-fits-all: we are all sizes with some very individual styles to show off. My new alpaca gloves, for example… The warm feet will be posted soon. The song doesn’t really work without them.



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