the things people wear

Back at Phoenix School again to create an installation with all the students. The theme for international week this year was ‘Multi-cultural London’ and we made clothes to show the various cultures and traditions reflected in the clothes Londoners wear. From shalwar kameez to kimono, punk T-shirt to pearly king, peace-and-love jeans to kilt and sporran. Each piece is backed with a cardboard template so that it keeps its shape when pegged on the line. Nearly 200 items of clothing were displayed as part of an exhibition with religious artefacts.

DSC05701           DSC05678            DSC05673           DSC05699



DSC05666                                DSC05694


DSC05690       DSC05676       DSC05697

Thanks to the ever-amazing Paula Manning (expressive arts at Phoenix School, Bow Road) and Fred Beaufort (lighting and special effects).

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