On the Softening of Our World/ Zur Enthaertung unserer Welt

Things have to change. Es muss anders werden.

I met Professor Manfred Schewe many years ago in Oldenburg, Germany. He now lives and works in Cork, in his beloved Ireland, and, like me, has a deep interest in the meeting of theatre and languages. I have presented at one of his conferences at the University of Cork and this year he invited me to contribute to a beautiful collection of 81 sayings about change and the softening of the world we inhabit. Recently published by Schibri-Verlag in Berlin, this anthology brings together authors from fourteen countries, tasked with responding to a saying in no more than two hundred words. Presented in both German and English, these pieces reflect on thoughts for a better world.


In my piece, I write about the value of manual labour with a call to respect those who work with their hands. It’s an offering that is heartfelt among a treasury of contributions that address themes like climate change, relationships, the passage of time, nature and politics. I feel proud to be part of it and I applaud the idea and execution of a great project with themes that affect all of us.

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