2020: the year of the bug

This lockdown period has been a bit of a rollercoaster for some people, me included. Did you start off thinking you’d finally write that novel/ learn a language/ bake sourdough bread/ make over your front room? And how’s it going?

As it eases, I’m taking stock. I didn’t need to be so competitive on Duolingo. Nor am I sure why bugs became the main motif for my embroidery. I had a white shirt that looked a bit like a doctor’s coat. Have I made it more stylish by covering it in fantasy insects? I’m not sure. I’m ready to stop now.

IMG_0733        IMG_0744       IMG_0726

Work is picking up, and time for pleasing myself is precious. I’m thinking that what might keep me on my creative track is some additional purpose. Making something for someone else, sharing a tip, sending a message. The shock of the pandemic persists, and some people are still on their own.

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